How to build a 1 million audience in 12 months

Becoming Ultracreative 1:1 Coaching

90 mins — $1390

Get 1:1 coaching from Dr. Christian Poensgen to build your thought leadership through LinkedIn.

Over the last years, we’ve coached hundreds of entrepreneurs, executives and CEOs on becoming Ultraproductive.

We’ve also built our thought leadership through LinkedIn – and became Ultracreative in 12 months.

Our results: a 1+ million audience, a 7-figure business around it, and a book deal with Portfolio Penguin.

If you want to learn how we pulled this off, read on or book your call now.

What People Say

There has never been a better time to become a thought leader through LinkedIn.

It’s the best way to become Ultracreative by writing online.

Why? Because LinkedIn is growing strongly and allows you to quickly build your distribution, recognition and monetization:

  • You’ll create distribution for your services, products, solopreneur or startup business, future book, and more
  • You’ll prepare monetization early – and save yourself months of second-guessing about how to pull all of it off
  • You’ll get the recognition you deserve — and go from undiscovered to well-known expert

What We’ll Do

During our video call, we’ll discuss your goals and how to accomplish them.

We’ll work together on how to define, establish and grow your unique niche:

  • We’ll define your niche to lay the foundation for your distribution, monetization and recognition
  • We’ll establish your niche by optimizing your LinkedIn with our tried-and-tested “3P” framework around positioning, profile and posting
  • We’ll create a highly actionable plan to grow your niche and crush your Ultracreative journey

What You’ll Get

Our call will be packed with highly actionable advice on how we grew our audience so quickly.

After the video call, you’ll receive a follow-up email including:

  • The recording of our coaching call
  • An actionable summary of what we discussed
  • The 3 best LinkedIn tools that we use every day
  • Any other resources (and introductions) we cover during our call
  • The 3 specific next steps to build your LinkedIn thought leadership
  • Our custom templates for the 3 types of posts that perform best in 2024
  • Advanced, highly confidential tips to accelerate your Ultracreative journey

Why Us

Unlike most other LinkedIn growth coaches, we’ve walked the talk.

In 12 months, we’ve created distribution, recognition and monetization through LinkedIn:

  • We’ve built a 1+ million audience across LinkedIn (800,000+ followers) and our newsletters (200,000+ subscribers)
  • We’ve created a 7-figure business from our LinkedIn thought leadership through services (e.g. coaching) and products (e.g. courses)
  • We’ve been ranked #1 LinkedIn creators by Favikon, received LinkedIn Top Voice Badges – and got a book deal with Portfolio Penguin for our first book

Most importantly, we’ve deconstructed what it takes to help you become Ultracreative, too. 

Our #1 goal for this coaching call is to make it the highest ROI investment of your life.

Book your call and let us know about your goals. Looking forward to meeting you!