10x your productivity and master stress

Do you struggle with focusing on the important work while jumping from one urgent task to the next? Do you feel tired in the morning and throughout the day despite sleeping for 7 or 8 hours at night? Do you have trouble dealing with high stress at work and “switching it off” at home?

If so, our new Becoming Ultraproductive 1-on-1 coaching program might help.

In it, we help executives, entrepreneurs and CEOs build rock-solid habit systems for deep focus, deep sleep, and mastering stress – to increase their productivity by up to 900% while making stress work for them instead of against them.

The 1-on-1 coaching program includes six sessions over 12 weeks. If you’re interested, reach out or read on to learn more.

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The magic of 90 minutes

The program revolves around a simple, science-based and powerful concept: For sustainable peak productivity, 90 is the magic number. The reason is what researchers call our 90-minute “ultradian rhythm”, which governs both our days and nights. Here are three examples:

1) By learning how to focus deeply for just 90 minutes a day, you’ll double your productivity, according to research by McKinsey & Company.

2) By learning how to get 90 minutes of deep sleep each night, you’ll multiply your productivity by a factor of 2.5 — and build the foundation for your mental and physical performance and health, according to research from Stanford University.

3) By learning how to work with and turn off the stress response every 90 minutes at work, you’ll harness the performance-enhancing effects of acute (good) stress. As a result, you’ll get another doubling of productivity — and avoid chronic (bad) stress.

Let’s win together

The Becoming Ultraproductive 1-on-1 coaching program covers all these topics and many more.

For each topic, we’ll create habit systems for sustainable peak productivity — tailored to your professional and private life regime. Christian will become your sparring partner who holds you accountable and helps you overcome obstacles along the way.

The program is our most exclusive offer and is limited to 15 seats. It includes six sessions over 12 weeks. It’s an investment that will pay for itself many times over the years and decades to come.

So, if you’re an executive, entrepreneur or CEO who wants to build habit systems that increase your productivity by up to 900% while making stress work for you instead of against you, get in touch below. Let’s win together.