How to accomplish your goals and master stress

“Trying to squeeze every last bit out of your day is a recipe for burnout, not success. Ultraprodutive offers a better way. And its 90-90-90 formula to optimize focus, sleep and stress is a game-changer.”

Justin Welsh

The Diversified Solopreneur

“Ultraproductive turns cutting-edge research into practical systems to accomplish more and master stress. It’s the operating manual for thriving in the modern world.“

Ben Meer

System Sunday

Ultraproductive: How to 10x your productivity
and master stress

This breakthrough book from Dr. Christian Poensgen and Eric Partaker is the
operating manual for sustainable peak performance and holistic well-being.
It will be published by Portfolio Penguin in the spring of 2026.

10 Things This Book Will Teach You

Learn how to… 

  1. Double your overall productivity in 90 minutes a day with “Deep Focus Optimization”.
  2. Do Ultraproductive “Timeboxing”, the method Bill Gates and Elon Musk use to win their day.
  3. Join the 10% most productive people by following the “90-Minute Defocus Rule”.
  4. Get two days out of one by cultivating “Deep Rest” in the afternoon.
  5. Improve your recovery, creativity and relationships by calling it a day.
  6. Increase your focus and well-being by reducing your screen time to 90 minutes a day.
  7. Sustain peak productivity and health in 90 minutes a night with “Deep Sleep Optimization”.
  8. Build the physiological foundation of peak energy with light, nutrition and exercise.
  9. Master stress systematically with “Sustainable Stress Optimization”.
  10. And most importantly, how to put these methods into practice in real life.

…and much more.

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